We are only a few short weeks from our 40th class reunion and we would like to have as many of our fellow classmates attend as possible so we have a program that offers assistance to those classmates who are unable to pay for the full amount to attend the reunion.

Do you or someone you know need an Angel?

If you are a member of the Class of 1978 from Woodstock High School and you are in need of assistance in paying for the class reunion or you know a classmate that could use some help, please fill our and submit the confidential form below. 

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to help a classmate attend the reunion, please click on the donate button below

 The full cost of sending a fellow classmate to the reunion is $65.00 but please choose an amount that works for you. Thank you for helping out! 


Are you an Angel?

An Angel is someone that has been blessed with a little extra and would like to share so fellow classmates that are in need of a little assistance to attend the reunion allowing them to bring back some great memories, renew old friendships and come away with some new ones.

If you would like to help out please click on the Donate button above.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.



Terry Lagerhausen  (815)-353-3242

Bruce Helmeid ( 217)440-9001